VB Gui linker For Version 5 & 6 - new version 06/03/2001
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The code is 2 api functions
the first - "vbrnd" will make any Hwnd Object round
and the second- "vbrect" will cut a rectangle from any Hwnd Object.
this is only for demonstartion

Important :

The Current version doesn't include the original link.exe file
in order to fit into all the versions and to avoid Runtime error - "Bad Record Number"
to use the linker filter just rename your original link.exe to orglink.exe and save
the new link.exe in the vb98 /vb5 folder (instead of the original).
all the actions been taken by the linker in older versions are the same,
except the dll creation process :
to link a dynamic link library in vb you must compile your project as a PCode project
the next step is the same :
choose : make dll
and specify the function name to export

1.to return strings use the byref statement
2.dont include forms in your project
3.to export more than one function per dll use the definition file.
(example for definition file:


end of example)
or you can write the first function in the export section and add the
following : /export:func2 /export:func3

Enjoy It

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